XL Connect In Action

XL Connect In Action
Experience XL Connect: ​
See It In Action!​

Dive into the world of XL Connect for Oracle Cloud through our collection of hands-on videos. These short demos will guide you in understanding the tool’s essential functionalities and their impact on data analysis and report generation. Navigate at your own pace, explore at your leisure, and see XL Connect bring Oracle Cloud data handling to life.

View the full demo webinar here or our snippet highlights below.

How XL Connect Works

Overview of XL Connect’s Features

Build Reports with Ease

Build and Run Real-time Reports in Excel

Pivot Tables

Real-time Data Pivoting

Update Your Reports

Update and Refresh Reports with Real-Time Data

Security & Combining Reports

Manage and combine reports into one worksheet

Easy Customization

Easy report customizing for the functional user

Report Distribution

Share and Distribute Reports Efficiently with Ease


Working with SQL inside Excel to build custom reports

Turn data into decisions with XL Connect

Ready to embark on a revolutionary Oracle Cloud Real-time Reporting journey with XL Connect? Dive into a seamless reporting experience designed to amplify your efficiency and insights.

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