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Absolutely, XL Connect allows you to run Oracle Fusion reports in real-time from Excel, providing instant access to crucial data.

XL Connect provides a user-friendly interface within Excel for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing Oracle Cloud data, eliminating the need for complex data extraction procedures.

Yes, XL Connect is designed with a focus on user-friendliness and simplicity. Even without extensive technical knowledge, you can easily navigate and utilize its features.

Functional users can enjoy personalized and efficient reporting, simplified search and filter functionalities, the ability to create and re-run favorite reports, and the option to view detailed drill-downs of data.

Absolutely. With XL Connect, you can create new reports based on SQL queries and utilize Excel's native features for efficient and flexible reporting.

Yes, XL Connect integrates with Oracle Fusion's native security to ensure that data visibility in reports aligns with user permissions.

XL Connect leverages Excel's native features like pivot tables and charts, providing powerful tools for data visualization and in-depth analysis.

Yes, XL Connect allows you to share reports and report sets, enabling collaboration and providing access to shared reports from any location.

Yes, XL Connect allows you to switch effortlessly between Fusion pods, enhancing your efficiency and enabling easy comparison of data across different pods.

No. All your business data remains within MS Excel running on your laptop or desktop.

Mac is not currently supported. XL Connect requires Windows 10 or 11.

XL Connect uses Oracle's publicly available web services to interact with Oracle Fusion Cloud.

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