How It Works

How It Works

Installing XL Connect

XL Connect’s straightforward and intuitive installation process sets the stage for your journey into amplified efficiency and insights. Our step-by-step guide ensures a seamless setup, so you’re quickly ready to explore Excel-based Oracle Cloud reporting at its best.

Step 1: Download Plugin

Step 2: Connect To Your Data

Step 3: Start Reporting

Running Oracle Fusion Reports from Excel

In XL Connect, you have the power to run Oracle Fusion reports in real-time, right from your Excel environment. Let’s take a look at how this revolutionizes your Oracle Cloud reporting process:

Personalized Seeded Content

Access the content assigned specifically to you, ensuring you work with the most relevant data.

XL Connect Ribbon

A convenient gateway to all the features XL Connect offers, like importing reports, scheduling requests, refreshing reports, and even more advanced functionalities like bursting.

Output Formats

Need to view the output in a different format? No problem! XL Connect enables you to view report outputs in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV, and XML from the Requests tab.

Reports Screen

Here’s where you’ll find a list of reports either owned by you or shared with you. This screen also provides a suite of options for creating and running reports using Fusion data.

Running Reports

Select a seeded real-time report, apply necessary filters, and let it run. The status bar keeps you updated on the process.

Modifying Seeded Reports

Need to tweak a seeded report to meet specific business needs? Do it with ease using SplashBI’s robust star-schema-like data model.

Clear Descriptions

Every report comes with a clear description of its purpose and the data it displays, ensuring you always choose the right report for your needs. Seeded reports show Key Flexfield data as defined in Fusion.

Viewing Outputs

When the report finishes running, view the output in a new Excel sheet. Rest assured, the data displayed honors Fusion’s native user security. Utilize the drill-downs in most seeded reports to dive deep into details, and pre-defined pivots to analyze the information effectively.

Creating New Reports

Feeling adventurous? You can create a new report based on a SQL query constructed using Fusion tables.

Ease of Use - Searching Reports​

Searching for reports in XL Connect is effortless and efficient. Our intuitive platform offers filters for Business Applications and their respective folders, directly visible in XL Connect. Need a specific report? Use the handy search bar for quick and direct access. You can even refine your search using our report filter option, allowing you to pinpoint reports, report sets, and hidden reports. We’ve prioritized user-friendliness in our design to make navigation a breeze, freeing you to focus on the essential task of analyzing and making data-driven decisions.


Speed up your workflow with the ability to refresh multiple reports simultaneously. With XL Connect, Excel becomes your one-stop solution for Oracle Cloud data integration and analysis.

Pivot Tables and Charts

Unleash the power of Excel’s pivot tables and charts with Oracle Cloud data. With XL Connect, your data visualization in Excel becomes more dynamic and revealing, transforming your data into actionable insights.

Seamless Transitions - Switching Between Fusion Pods

With XL Connect, you can move between Fusion pods as smoothly as turning the pages of a book. Our platform is designed to allow an effortless transition, ensuring you don’t miss a beat in your data analysis. This feature enables a swift and easy comparison of data across different Fusion pods, highlighting any anomalies quickly. It’s about making your data interaction intuitive, allowing you to focus on deriving actionable insights with minimal disruption.

SQL Empowerment - Creating Detailed Reports

With XL Connect, converting SQL statements into comprehensive real-time reports is as simple as a few clicks. Users are granted full control with multiple options for report creation. This feature allows for seamless incorporation of necessary filters, pivots, sorting, aggregation, and drill-downs to make your reports truly holistic.

Deep-dive For the Functional User

XL Connect empowers users to run the Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) reports that they’ve crafted in Fusion, providing flexibility and tailor-made reporting options to best serve your business needs.

In XL Connect, our seeded reports intelligently display applicable Key Flexfield data, offering a deeper and more comprehensive data analysis perspective.

Simplify your everyday tasks with XL Connect’s ‘Favorites’ feature. Designate frequently utilized reports as favorites, ensuring easy and immediate access for efficient operation.

Time is essential, and XL Connect’s re-run feature allows you to execute multiple real-time reports efficiently. Retain the same filters or modify them as needed, the decision is entirely up to you.

Acquire an all-encompassing view of your reports with XL Connect’s drill outputs. Open each detailed output in a new Excel tab, fostering an environment conducive to comparison and analysis.

Data security remains paramount. With Oracle Fusion Security, you’ll gain access only to the data you’re authorized to view. Execute your reports with the confidence and assurance of Oracle’s secure framework.

XL Connect respects your work process. Read-only users can view, run, copy, and export reports without the ability to edit seeded reports or those created by developers. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your original work remains untouched.

Deep-dive For the Technical User

XL Connect does not only permit writing SQL, but it also allows the transformation of those SQL statements into comprehensive, business-friendly reports. This means you can convert your raw data queries into meaningful information visualizations, enhancing their interpretability and impact.

With XL Connect, you can smoothly navigate between different Fusion pods without any disruption. This aids in a seamless data comparison and analysis process across different data sets or operational areas within your business.

As a technical user, you have the authority to control the access level of your reports. Decide who can view, run, copy, and export your reports, ensuring data security and preserving the integrity of your work.

Utilize the burst feature to automatically distribute reports to a list of recipients based on specified criteria. This function can be incredibly useful when you need to share data reports with various stakeholders in different departments or roles.

Ready To Improve Your Oracle Cloud Reporting?

Ready to embark on a revolutionary Oracle Cloud Real-time Reporting journey with XL Connect? Dive into a seamless reporting experience designed to amplify your efficiency and insights.

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